Luciana Salgado (b. 1993) is a self-taught artist from Recife, currently residing in Curitiba, Brasil.


I have a bachelor’s degree in Social Communication, and I have been working as a full-time Artist since my graduation in 2016. I taught myself to draw, to paint, and to photograph through self-directed study, practice, and observation. I recognize my past work to be something of a map, records of my investigations of the body and its relationship to itself, to other bodies, and to space and time. At present, it is an intentional, regular act of practicing reciprocity, collaboration, and open communication; it is a ritual of shedding clothes, words, beliefs, and assumptions in order to revive the incarnate, sensorial dimension of experience and call to surface our sense of belonging with the wild, living Earth.
We, the living, evolved to perceive light millions of years before we could ever perceive any sound. We started practicing the Art of exchanging information through refracting, absorbing, reflecting, and interpreting light long before a word was ever spoken. The shape of leaves and flower petals; the colour of skin, fur, and feather; patterns on insect wings; the scale of trunk and torso, the reach of branches and limbs—all things visual are dialogues, and much of what we see are records of millennia-long conversations held by land, water, air, light, and Life. My work is intended as a plea for reintegration: a gentle, yet urgent invitation to return to the senses and re-join these life-giving conversations that shape and sustain the whole.

Photograph: Luciana and Xiru; Araucária, Jan 2023. Captured by Yoshua Muriel on a Olympus Trip 35mm using ARISTA EDU Ultra 400 photographic film. Home developed with food scraps and scanned by Luciana.
For commissions, collaborations, licensing, and information on available artworks, please contact me via the email address lucianasalgadoartist@outlook.com.


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